Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CE Field Trip Brainstorm

Premise: Lots of groups get together and talk about green things, have green speakers, and spend green money. I want to do all that at once, on site, in situ, as a community of interested and active people. Take public transport, walk, bike, and carpool to a quarterly Field Trip to take direct action, meet people, learn something, and make a direct difference. You pay small fee for organization, and match with a donation to good green cause.

Possible Trips:

  1. Kavu
  2. Theo Chocolates
  3. 34th St. Transfer Station
  4. Ballard Locks
  5. Fare Start
  6. Green Bean
  7. Boeing
  8. 5 star Built Green housing developments
  9. Mini-solar tour
  10. Insulation companies
  11. HVAC companies
  12. recycled steel companies (NUCOR?)
  13. Waste Management
  14. A solar manufacturer
  15. A biodiesel manufacturer
  16. A wind farm
  17. An off-grid and/or grid tied home
  18. An organic farm
  19. A decidedly NON-environmentally responsible location/company
  20. individual households in various states of green
  21. Electric Bike store tour
  22. Electric Car store tour
  23. a day-trip eco-tourism thing
  24. an herb walk with Jake

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