Saturday, November 15, 2008

CE State of the Union

I've got around $1500 in the bank, generated from 5 clients. I've got a logo, cards, a web designer, a blog (now!), a design company, and mounting debt to the finances of my family. I have already spent around $3,000 give or take on getting the company up and running.

The company is actually up and running, but I do want to get cracking on some more basics: I want an accounting system and a bookkeeper. I want my website up within a month. I want to train more, and yet have more clients. I want my office separate from my home. I want to charge the same amount for each audit less than 3,000 square feet. I want one client per day. Is that going to be unprofitable? I want to ensure that I can work at my own pace and still make a family wage.

My desk is currently piled with stuff, personal and business related. I have a scanner that sits unused, a lamp without a bulb, the shells of 4 unfinished projects and at least 3 books I have bought but haven't read. I have cards that I have not either entered as contacts or recycled, piled up. I have gewgaws and knickknacks and a hand cranked radio. It's like my mind, cluttered but creative. I like it and it slows me down.

I have 10 to do items in my homework bin online that I am slowly hacking away at. I have people on my side, and time that isn't. I have a new president and a good governor and Van Jones to help me out there in the noosphere. I have a lot of knowledge and a passion for conservation.

I've had a successful seminar with 16 people which generated perhaps one interested customer who has yet to decide to get an audit.

Overall, lots of pluses, but still need to either get a stronger flow of clients, or somehow write my book and sell millions overnight....


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