Saturday, November 15, 2008

What is Campbell Energy?

Campbell Energy LLC is a company founded in memory of Richard S. Campbell by Aaron B. Campbell in order to continue RSC's work with energy efficiency, reduced global impact, and innovation.

The thrust of Campbell Energy's work focuses on conservation, specifically, in buildings. The buildings I am most familiar with are largely residential, so that's where Campbell Energy's energy is currently being focused.

In the future, we may expand into commercial energy conservation, but I am not interested in diluting my skills or knowledge in expansion when there is so much to do with residential energy conservation.

This blog is a landing pad for ideas and progress relating to ongoing work at Campbell Energy. I will post as I feel compelled, but as we evolve it may end up being incorporated into our website, or become a strictly internal blog to track our own progress.

Subscribe at your own risk: it may not be witty or even useful to most people. I find that I write with less flair than I speak. So be it. It's not about me, and it's not about entertainment. I have been spending far too much energy worrying about how others see me, and I'm tired of wasting energy in all aspects. Onward.

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